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Priority Bands


When you register for a transfer or as a home seeker, your application will be assessed by your landlord or Council. You will be assigned a priority band. If you disagree with your priority band you can ask the landlord or Council which holds your registration details to review your banding.

When bids are considered for advertised properties, priority will be given to bids from people in the highest priority band. If people from the same priority band bid for the same property the person with the earliest priority date will be considered first.

If your priority band is increased at any stage, your priority date will be the date you went in to the higher priority band. If you move back to a lower band, your priority date will revert to the date that applied when you were previously in that lower band.

Our partners use Bands A, B, C and sometimes D, or Band 1, 2 or 3.

Below is a general guide to the Priority Bands:

Band A or 1: Emergency and top priority applicants
Band B or 2: Medium priority; applicants with an urgent need to move
Band C or 3: Low priority; reasonable preference
Band D: All other applicants (usually unable to bid for social housing)

However, this does not represent a definitive list of categories. For full details on Council and housing providers banding policies, please see their websites.  Details on Contact page.