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Feedback - Outcome of past bids

To understand the outcome of your bids and to use this to improve your chances of being re-housed, it's useful to know how we prioritise bids:

If the property has any restrictions (such as preference to those needing specific adaptations that the property has, or rural local connection) we apply this to the shortlist first. Only those who meet the restriction will be considered first, the order below.

For all other general needs properties where no restrictions apply:

  1. We give first priority to people in the greatest housing need (starting with Band A through to Band D)
  2. We give priority to those who have been in housing need the longest (your priority date).
Your Previous Bids

Login and go to your account page, you'll be able to see feedback on your previous bids. If you click on 'show all previous bids', you'll see a detailed breakdown of the properties you have placed bids upon, and what the outcome was:

  • Bids - how many expressions of interest were received for the property
  • Your Rank - your general position on the shortlist
  • Offered/Let Band - the priority band of the person who has been offered the property
  • Offered/Let Priority - the priority date of the person who has been offered the property.

Understanding the Feedback Reports

On our website there will be a feedback page. The feedback contains information on lettings that have taken place since the previous edition. The feedback is colour-coded in the same way as the adverts.

Advert Date
This is the date of the magazine that the property was advertised.

Advert Reference
This is a unique identifying number and is used for bidding.

Size and Property Type
This is simply a description of the property advertised.

This gives an indication of where the property is situated within partner boundaries.