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Renting in the Private Sector

So, for many people, renting in the private sector may be an option to consider carefully.

So if you are;

Worried you may be on the housing register for several years before you Move to a home of your choice
Fed up with waiting indefinitely in temporary accommodation for Permanent accommodation
Not happy in present accommodation.

You may want to consider any of our Housing Options Schemes:

1. Renting in the private sector

You can find your own accommodation in the area you want to move to and we will negotiate our terms with the landlord or the estate agent.
We can also find a suitable property in London on your behalf.

2. Moving out of London

We wiil help you to move to the private sector or/and provide information about putting your name on your chosen local authority's housing register.

Qualification for schemes:

Accepted homeless families
Council tenants
Applicants in Bands A & B on the housing register.

Further information:

We are developing a housing options schemes leaflet - renting in the private sector - to give information to interested families, particularly homeless households who live in temporary accommodation, the opportunity to find rented accommodation in the private sector as a choice-based housing solution.


Please note that we can fast track your housing benefit claim ONLY where the accommodation is in Brent.

Also note that you may not qualify for the scheme if you owe any rent.                                                                                                                                                                          If there is any tenancy issue i.e. anti-social behaviour order against you, we will not assist you.
You can choose to remain on the council's register and continue to bid in Locata. However you will have a lower priority to Brent residents if your accommodation is outside Brent.

Further details:

What's in it for you?

It is your choice - no pressure
You may qualify for financial support
You can choose to remain on the housing register
Cheaper rent if accommodation is outside London.

Contact details

If you are interested do one of the following:

Speak to your caseworker or staff at Brent Civic Centre reception

Telephone; 020 8937 2000

Email - locatahelp@brent.gov.uk - if your query relates to Locata issues

Email - housing.options@brent.gov.uk - if your query relates to Housing Options that you may have to consider