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Housing Options Scheme - Applicants and Tenants


In Brent, there are more than 20,000 people registered on our waiting lists for housing. On top of this, each year we receive about 3,000 applications from homeless households who want help with their housing needs.

Unfortunately, only a small number of applicants are able to find permanent accommodation in council or housing association properties.

You may need to be thinking about alternative Housing Options, please click on the links to find out more information.

FIRSTSTEPS are here to help you to choose and to apply for the housing options that are affordable and best for you.

Renting in the Private Sector

Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation, often in areas that councils and housing associations cannot. They tend to offer properties on six monthly tenancies, which can be renewed if they are happy with the way you have managed your tenancy. You don't have the same security of tenure, but the shorter tenancies and higher mobility works well for people who need to move frequently.

We only work with private landlords who are accredited, that is, they are committed to offering good quality accommodation and we perform regular checks to make sure that their standards are maintained.

Mutual Exchange

If you are a public sector tenant, you can move home using Exchange Locata by swapping your home with another public sector tenant. To find out more and to register click the link above.

Right to Buy

The right to buy process was introduced in 1980 to allow tenants to buy their home.