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Hillingdon Housing Options is an enhanced housing service offered by Hillingdon Council

Hillingdon Housing Options has been created with a purpose in mind, to give you more choice about your housing, and, help you have more choice in your own life. In the past your council or landlord decided what outcomes they thought were the best for you, now you have the chance to choose your own housing options.

Our goal? To meet your housing needs by offering you an honest, realistic assessment of your circumstances and offer you the right advice about your housing and future housing options. We know there is a strong bond between good, appropriate housing and good health, education or training and employment prospects. This is why our goal is to help you as much as we can.

We will try to help you in a number of different ways:

• By helping you find the homes that are appropriate to your needs, your priority for housing and your resources

• By providing you with the tools and knowledge to maximise your income or benefits, so that you may afford the housing you need

• By helping you find the necessary and correct advice about training, benefits and employment opportunities

• If you have a home or tenancy, by assisting you with help to secure your mortgage or tenancy

• By helping you find and get the support needed to tackle issues like debt, disabilities or mental health

We will be working with statutory, voluntary and local community groups to offer this help and support.