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Housing options

Housing in west London, and particularly Hillingdon, is in short supply and it may be unrealistic that you will get a new home through social housing. It is therefore important that you look at all your available options.

Housing advice

Whether you do or do not meet the criteria to join our housing register, it is important that you look at privately rented options first, to find the best solution to your housing needs.


Do you recieve, or do you think you may be eleigible for Housing, Council Tax or other Benefits? Do you know about welfare reform? Benefits can affect your current and future housing situation. Read more on our website.

Low cost home ownership

Find out all you need to know about low cost home ownership, to help you make your first step onto the housing ladder.

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing provides an easy-to-manage home and continued independence, plus the benefit of on hand support and the company of others.

Under-occupying your home

Room2Move has been set up to help tenants downsize within the social housing sector.

Mutual exchange

If you are a public sector tenant, you can move home using one of our schemes by swapping your home with another public sector tenant. To find out more and to register read our mutual exchange pages.

Before you consider applying to join the housing register, you should first make sure you are elligible and that you qualify. 

Social housing

Social housing (renting from a council or housing association) offers more security of tenure and guarantees of service such as repairs. However housing in West London, and particularly Hillingdon, is in short supply and it is unrealistic that you will get housed through social housing.