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When choosing a property to bid for, you need to consider a number of things:

Is the property designated for homeseekers, transfers or both?
Your bid will not count if, for example, the property is for homeseekers only and you are a transferring tenant.

Is there an age restriction on the property?
Some properties have a minimum age requirement, for example, in some cases only people over 55+ can apply.
Sheltered properties are for people aged over 60. As well as minimum age, your council or housing association must assess you for sheltered housing. If you are interested in this, read our sheltered housing pages.

Do you live in the right area to qualify for a property?
Properties are advertised by council area or by landlord.
To bid for a property in a specific council area, you must either be on the housing register or a tenant of that council.
Housing associations tenants registered with one of the partner housing associations may also bid for properties within the borough they live. However, the London Borough of Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham and Hounslow will treat them as homeseekers.
Homeseekers bidding can only bid for properties that are advertised with a 'H' or with both 'H' and 'T' icons.
Council and housing associations tenants bidding can only bid for properties that are advertised with a 'T' or with both 'H' and 'T' icon.
Properties advertised in the cross borough section of Locata HOME are available to members registered in any of the council areas covered by the Locata Scheme.

Some properties have a mobility sign:
This is intended to provide a guide to people who have various levels of mobility needs. This does not restrict anyone else from bidding for these properties but the advert will often say that priority will be given to members with mobility needs.

Most landlords will not allow you to keep a dog or cat unless the property has its own garden. If you have a pet, please check with the landlord.