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Housing Options

What can we offer?

• Private tenant advice
• Debt and mortgage advice
• At risk of violence
• Homelessness prevention advice
• Training and employment help
• Advice about low-cost home ownership.

Private tenant advice

Private Rented Accommodation
Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation, often in areas that councils and housing associations cannot.


Debt and mortgage advice

Debt Advice
If you need information and advice regarding debt, there are many organisations that can help.


At risk of violence

Domestic violence and housing options
Problems with housing can often lead to other more far reaching issues. Domestic violence includes any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members. It can affect women and men in both heterosexual and gay relationships. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, we can direct you to a variety of locally based services that offer free and confidential help.


Homelessness prevention advice

If you do become homeless, the Council has to assess your application to see if there is a legal responsibility to find housing for you.

If you think you may lose your home and you live in the borough, contact the housing advice service. They will provide you with information on what you should do.


Low cost home ownership

Help to Buy (formerly 'shared ownership') is the heading for all the government funded schemes, which help council and housing association tenants, key workers and first-time buyers to own their own home.  


Other housing options

Mutual Exchange
If you are a public sector tenant, you can move home using Exchange Locata by swapping your home with another public sector tenant. To find out more and to register click the link above

Housing Advice for young people
Leaving home may seem like a good idea, when you turn 16. Perhaps you are arguing with your family, living by the house rules is no longer any fun or maybe you just want the independence to live your own life.

Aged 18-25 years old?
The YMCA are there to meet the short term housing needs of young people by providing accessible accommodation, training, personal development, job search facilities and other essential services, together with community involvement and resettlement opportunities.

Social housing is in very short supply - There is a severe shortage of social housing in Ealing. In 2016/17 only 714 properties were available for letting.  Over 1101 households are registered in Ealing for properties with 4 or more bedrooms and only 33 of these properties became available for letting in 2016/17.

As a guide the table you'll see if you click here, BandCWaitingTimes shows average waiting times for those with a C Band.